Thursday, December 19, 2013

listography- favorite things you own

I've always been a list-making aficionado. To-do lists, favorite name lists, books i want to read lists, etc. I just love the sensation of having a fully crossed of to-do list- almost too much!! I think I was 13 or 14 and on vacation in Lake Placid an amazing vacation hot spot in Upstate New York about 2 hours from me and i got My Listography, a super cute list making biography at one of my favorite mom and pop book stores. It has super cool and creative writing/listing prompts. I re-did my book shelf a week ago and rediscovered some things I wrote as a beyond quirky 13 year old. I though I would use some of the prompts from the book as blog posts. 

List your favorite things things you own:
- My passport
- childhood pictures, pictures from africa, pictures with my parents and girlfriends
- my africa pendant (I think its from here or at least looks the exact same)
- my bibles with notes and markings 
- my journals
- my feel good/ memory box- probably for another post but i have an old train case with all sorts of cards and notes from friends and fam, silly pics, and mementos 
- a journal my mom gave to me last christmas with all sorts of details about her life in it
- my iPhone, of course
- my laptop
- my camera- a nikon d60

any of the Listography books would make great Christmas gifts you can find them on Amazon for super cheap but its aways best to support your local book store. toodles!! 

a full plate.

i don't know what the purpose of this post is- sorta just a ramble-y journal, i suppose. i'm about to have a massive plate next week for quite a bit. i have a 2 1/2 week intersession thats 3 credits, yum. and the new year and working 2 jobs, and going full time to college ( i have da besst schedule ever though i crammed everything into pretty much 2 days and one night class holla), writing a children's book (thats a slooow process though), speaking to local churches about adoption and orphan care, home work and studying (my FAVORITE), serving in youth ministry, learning new trades, and starting my dream job that helps others. oy! it might be just a bit hectic but i can do all things through christ who gives me strength. hallelujah! i'm pretty motivated and going to have to learn to manage my time like a boss like neva before. as i always say God's got my back. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

tis' the season for EXCESS

it been a bit of a wild ride this year. i've seen and feeling big things, beautiful things and life changing things. ive traveled pretty far and and hauled my booty in school. i was all sorts of poverty, the poor in spirit, the field of the fatherless, the born into poverty, the cyclical poverty, inner city poverty and homelessness. i know there is a bible with that i choose to live my life by that has 20,000 verses in in about the poor, the orphan, the widow and the sojourner and there is something i have to do to aid them in their distress. ive been a follower of jesus for about 6 or 7 years now last year, believe it or not was nearly the first year i finally understood it, A THRILL OF HOPE A WEARY WORLD REJOICES, it brought utmost joy to people who needed a savior, a king simply born just to die, it was an unusual birth and a humble beginning. americans spend on average 700 billion dollars on christmas shopping. we are exchanging legal tender for things that will rust and ruin. where is the actual birthday boy's gift?! how to you get the savior of the world a birthday gift? you buy something that defends the cause that breaks his heart. i don't know if ill make this a tradition or something but all gifts this year will be a cause i strongly believe in and will help defend and support the 153 million orphans, a financial donation to the children's home i worked at a few months ago. this year give him a gift, a fragrant offering. this christmas is all about small blessings and giving to charities that need the support no excess of here. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

fall photography

seeing i got back from africa october 29 after my 5 month summer i didn't get to take in as much of the fall season which i don't really mind, i just drink my body weight in pumpkin spice lattes since i got back ;) and its pretty much been winter since october here in Upstate New York, with that said i thought i would reminisce of the last autumn i had. just a mini photo shoot with a little chickie i babysit for, the colors are STUNNING if i do say so myself ;)

happy fall!! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

{malawi pictures}

to start off my african adventure/journey-ish i went on a two week mission trip to with a few members of my church- a 17 year-old, high school student, a 24 year old student/secretary, and a 28 year old family business partner. 3 out of the four of us had been on this same trip twice before and we love going and doing. we are sort of the pioneers of starting this organization in malawi a few trips ago by coming alongside The People's Foundation of Africa bought an old farmhouse with a bunch of other small farming utilities, and two years ago a scrawny group of teens and young adults came together to help assist schools and teach small business classes and help furnish an old farm house to turn it into an inn with a plot of land for men and women to help create a sustainable income by farming food for their family and selling the leftovers, go EMPOWERMENT! with out further ado...

                                                                    MALAWI 2013:


not ilegal substance- MUSHROOMS!

the inn

this is africa 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

wordless wednesday

A F R I C A P A R T Y- in african time

So haven't been in the blogosphere in a while. this post is mega belated. in one of of my last posts i chronicled how i was fleeing the country to intern/volunteer at a children's home in south africa, for three and a half months, but my besties (who are seriously the best friends a girl could EVER have) threw me a W I L D (get it, africa party, wild, haha) surprise party since they thought they would never see me again, with lots of lies and deceit in the weeks and days prior. I pretty much HATE surprises in any form unless you're surprising me with a latte then I'll like you a lot or having a lot of attention on me, it just not my thing or ever has been. 

timeline of the surprise partaaaayyyy (don't you just enjoy the excess a's and y's)
`about three weeks before the whole ordeal happened my one of my besties texted me to get the date off of work so we could have a girls hang night before i left, totes normal, girls night yessss please- lie #1 
`about a two-ish weeks before the party my mom attempted to sneak into my room at around midnight while i was sleeping but woke me up on the way out she told me i was grinding my teeth and i was so confused how she could hear me down the hallway (funny bad lie #2) but was trying to steal my phone so she could get my boss' number to get the party date off work
`a few days before the party a woman i babysit for her asked me babysit her kids on the day i was planning to hang with my friends (the party), i told her i couldn't and i had plans so she asks again but asks me again a few days later so i obligee but i have to late  at X time- lie #3 my mom set her up to do this so my friends could set up the house for the party
`one of my sweet friends helping to plan the whole sha-bang sort-of gave me (on accident) an idea on that there was a surprise of some sort being planned for me and I totally freaked out because a surprise party is pretty much my worst fear but then i sort-a shook it off
     the day of:
`i woke up with bazillion things to do and was about to go running my new trend at the time but my coworker called me at about 6:30 and BEGGED me to work for her and because i'm crazy i said yes and worked a short shift for her 
`i go back home to get changed and procrastinate a bit mean while my friends we driving through my neighborhood waiting to see my car gone to start setting up
`while i'm babysitting my dear friend starts spazz texting and calling me begging me to help her with "something" but not telling me what that something is and begs me to help her once i finish babysitting 
`i got to help he the second i finish babysitting, i race to her house to help her and i go to find out she needs help frosting cupcakes for a party she is going, i love this friend but i just wanted to go home and get cleaned up to hang with my friends and i thought i was going to hurt her in that moment she says he also needs to buy a ballon for the party she is going to and begged me to come with her so i suggested the place about 3 minutes from my house so to stall me she takes me to the sketchiest dollar tree across town, she buys the darn ballon and a jet outta there
`my other bestie who was planing the party intercepts me and meets me at starbucks to stall me more and we catch up on life and God's goodness to us
`i propt her to have our girls night at my house and we leave once we got the text form the party setters saying everything was set
`i meet her in my driveway and point out my friends car there take note on how odd that is to her, erinn "oh presh's cat broke down last week she didn't tell ya" 
`we get inside to my dark house and there my kitchen table is covered in sweets and my tall friend jumps out at me and shouts "SURPRISE" i didn't know who is was at first i was so shocked and i pretty much thought someone was trying to rob my house and lure me in with sweets
`then i after my blood pressure went down i looked around the room to see pretty much all my favorite people all in one place. im so darn blessed i tell ya. 

they did the most amazing job on the decor and bought most of at a local thrift shop and my mom helped get the most amazing food
cutest table

"taste of an african sunset" punch- so clever!!
my girls made me this cake!! #gotTalentyo

more on my african adventure in a bit

Thursday, July 18, 2013

opportunities and africa.

so where do i begin. my little secret is out. all the prayers and petition to God the tears the begging to the God who made me and my story and every little detail of my life has a beautiful destiny for me, its far from "normal" or mainstream but i desire and thirst to serve and honor god and the souls he is jealous for, not for man. with that said God is sending me to Malwai for a misssion trip and then when the rest of my team leaves i'm staying and interning at a childrens home in South Africa(!!!!!!). I'll basically be a babysitter and tutor for God's favorites/ orphans and possibly get the opportunity to see them get forever families!! I feel like the least qualified person sometimes but thankfully I serve a God that simply qualifies the called. I really don't know what God has up his sleeve after these 3 months but its BIG, with a capital B. Talk about confirmation I've had everyone from my besties to my residents at my job with dementia talk about how this is God's plan and they don't see me coming back. Like what? I started this post weeks ago and never finished it but I leave tomorrow. If/When I get wifi I'll post pics and details of the boss party my besties threw me my first surprise party. it was kinda my worst fear but once the dance-y tunes got flowing all was well. ta-ta for now!! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

before i graduate high school bucket list recap.

i graduated high school recently. back in december when I was still counting down those days I made a "Before I Graduate High School Bucket List." i got a semi decent amount crossed off and most things just happened organically not on purpose for the list. 

Before I graduate high school
1. Rely on Him like never before!
2. Desire him life never before
3. Need him like never before!
4. Acknowledge He is speaking loudly, so LISTEN!

5. Daily do devotions, Jackie you need this time. --BOOM! This was the best one. Even if I didn't get any of the other things accomplished this is the only one that matters in the grand scheme. 
6. Volunteer in activities at work and city mission. --Let's just say I needed lots and lots of grace for this season. I served alot but I never got a chance to try new places to serve at. 
7. Become a prayer warrior -- made lots of progress!!
8. Practice photography, not just your iPhone
9. Run/ exercise more... possibly a 5k? --el oh el to the 5k. 
Perhaps this list didn't go exactly as planned but whateverz. 
10. Purge and organize craft room
11. Make a scrapbook. -- Made one painstakingly at midnight the night before graduation for my aunt.  
12. Sell and make more jewelry. Never sold any but any spurts of free time of creativity I had I made some!
13. Write thank you notes just because.--oops. 
14. Become more patient and gentle.--getting there. getting there.
15. Educate myself on as many social justice issues at possible
16. Leave the country!!!!!!!
17. Get my license.
18. Read more!!
19. Keep up on journal projects.
20. Pray for the next season. And the people in this season.
21. Keep up on this blog -- C-
22. Start a creative blog. Yes please!--Nope. Ill be rebranding this place soon though :)
23. Practice writing pretty.--Oh gosh. No.
24. Look at the stars, realize the God that loves me, made them
25. Stop in the moment. -- I'm Italian but im always rushing. 
26. Cook a few meals --Salads for dayzzzzzz.
27. Pay for someone's drink... At Starbucks.--I forgot. Better late than never?
28. Go to Boston and visit Kor
29. Go to hartwick and visit erinn
30. Visit Kristen at New Paltz
31. Go to the city
32. Go to the today show-- Got so close but then my phone broke and robbed me from going.
33. Fast (food and anything else that kills contentment)--I quit sugar everyfew weeks because of this lady!!
34. Start a compost
35. Go sledding
36. Make crepes with friends
37. Pray for my nation, community, and church daily
38. Start writing bits of my memoir.
39. Make homemade bread
40. Do something for someone else everyday. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

i graduated.

such a belated post but whateves. so, yes one of the greatest days occurred in my life or the bridge the the greatest days of my life, I GRADUATED!!!!!!
it was the most beautiful day in every way. i started the day off my going to see my niece who is technically my second cousin but i force her to call me Zia JJ. Let the children come. she was kinda scared of me all radiant in my all white and glossy cap and gown. 
I floored it to the prettiest church we were going to be graduating from. i went (love the past tense) to a small christian school for high school with a graduating class of 32 kids (the largest class in the school) which i would never never never never ever recommend to anyone unless I really hated someone but despite all the difficult times this hellhole of a school made me go though it made me soooo much closer to God and made me DO THE HARD THINGS. and i love the joy and the products of DOING THE HARD THINGS!! Sidenote: besides this whole main stream education saga I've loved being a teen ;) ANYWHO got the the church and to see my classmates most of them for probably the last time and get my vuvezela (an african air horn used a soccer games that sounds like and elephant) confiscated from me multiple times. C'mon man just roll with it. One of the mean room moms made us take 43848 posed, chaotic pictures before the ceremony began. 
                                                     {right before marching down the aisle to pomp & circumstance}
The ceremony was long but not boring at all. All the speeches were really well written as well as presented. RIght before the keynote speaker was about to begin they were giving away 4 scholarships. At all these high school award ceremonies i've gone to its always the same 4 kids that get the award and pretty much have the same "bio." The same 3 kids got their scholarships and they started reading the bio of the last person to get one. I really wasn't paying much attention to to anything the principal was saying but when he said my longer, unique bio, I started thinking "who was this, kid?" and the last think he said was "and has gone on two mission trips to africa" a bunch of my classmates turned and looked at me. The speaker said my name and the kid nest to me had to tap me to get up, never in a million years would I think I would have gotten this scholarship. I went up the wrong way and nearly hugged the principal (and I am not a hugger) but I, Jackie Servideo, received the Christian Service Scholarship. I seriously didn't even need my diploma at this point! Anyway when they called my name for my diploma that was pretty much the greatest thing. Hard work pays off, yo!!! ughhh is just felt soooooo good, I'll admit it, I was proud of my self! And I have the greatest friends everrrr they all came despite busy schedules, the boring ceremony, etc. 
{making cool faces}
                                                                            {dad and mom-aunt kate and mom)
                                                                                           {thankful for them}
{my sis & i}

{all my friends are gorge!}

{we went out for pizza afterward and had lovely, deep, meaningful convos (my love language)}

My sister and I stopped at the bookstore too and I picked a new Bible (a super cute ESV that is a one for one company) for this new chapter and I made her pay for it. 
I had to work later too and I showed a few pictures I had on my phone to my residents at the retirement home I work at. Including a blind 97 year old. Good job, Jackie! And told my parents my little surprise once I got home ;) but thats for the next post!! 

"i have fought the good fight, i have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
2 timothy 4:7 
totes could put 53489 more verses that have been my crutch though this season. I love God's word.