Thursday, November 21, 2013

{malawi pictures}

to start off my african adventure/journey-ish i went on a two week mission trip to with a few members of my church- a 17 year-old, high school student, a 24 year old student/secretary, and a 28 year old family business partner. 3 out of the four of us had been on this same trip twice before and we love going and doing. we are sort of the pioneers of starting this organization in malawi a few trips ago by coming alongside The People's Foundation of Africa bought an old farmhouse with a bunch of other small farming utilities, and two years ago a scrawny group of teens and young adults came together to help assist schools and teach small business classes and help furnish an old farm house to turn it into an inn with a plot of land for men and women to help create a sustainable income by farming food for their family and selling the leftovers, go EMPOWERMENT! with out further ado...

                                                                    MALAWI 2013:


not ilegal substance- MUSHROOMS!

the inn

this is africa 

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