Friday, March 1, 2013

sweet bits journal- February

I like a clean perspective. Finding the good in e v e r y t h i n g. Seeing the mundane as beautiful. etc. I started a "Sweet Bits" journal listing/sentencing the sweet bits of the day. It was semi-inspired by this youtube channel.

here goes the sweet bits of FEBRUARY 2013:
`February 1- Babysat some cute kids, their parents told me I was their fave
`February 2- Went on a lunch date with Ma to Marrato's 
`February 3- Had a blogging date with myself at Starbuck's #thuglyfee
`February 4- Mom picked me up form school on time, that my friends is a miracle
`February 5- Sooo sick, but I got a school free day out if it. hollaaa
`February 6- Baked cookies!!
`February 7- Woke up on time #miracle and made a satisfying lunch    
`February 8- SNOW DAY!!! 
`February 9- Trader Joe's & craft date with Ma and found 125 rolled inside of a stuffed bear I got eons  
                    ago. CRAZY!!   
`February 10- Signed up for youth group getaway shindig! SOOO GLAD I DID!! :)
`February 11- I got to craft. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!?
`February 12- Found out I get out at 11:55 on Tuesdays!!!!! 
`February 13- Life groups was rocking tonight!!
`February 14- Went to my favorite restaurant, Peter Pause, with Ma today, and demolished he local 
                       candy store chocolate (turtles) she got me. 
`February 15- Started school vacation, pigged out on free dunkin' donuts
`February 16- Finally got to read (while babysitting) and got $30 for it!!
`February 17- Woke up at 8:30 and needed to be at church by 8:45, make it on time!!
`February 18- NO SCHOOL!! (all week:) Went to my other fave restaurant for curry and my fave fro-
                      yo place for desert with Ma and Lou 
`February 19- NO SCHOOL! Read a magazine with Ma on the couch (trying to make it a weekly 
`February 20- NO SCHOOL! Needed lazy day.
`February 21- Worked my first day at a kids consignment store! 
`February 22- Ma took me to a new fave restaurant. Had taco salad =out of this world good and then 
                      sped to get to church on time for the getaway/retreat thing and the first night was 
                      AMAZING, such a Holy Spirt filled night!! 
`February 23- Another AMAZING day at the getaway. Sledding, deep convos, ice skating, good food, 
                     and lots of worship! 
`February 24- Soooo sad to leave the getaway but built such strong relationships with God and friends!!!
`February 25- Mom made dinner (miracle) and I had a semi free night (miracle)
`February 26- Work was FUN but long and there was good leftovers and takied for an hour an a half 
                       with my BFF, Presh! (just what I needed)
`February 27- 2 hour snow delay!!!!!! Made breakfast, ate it at home, life group was fab, and for Lou's 
                         last night home I found a ton of pic of our creppy uncle and tapped them all over her 
                         room! (dead form laughter) 
`February 28- Lou moved to NYC, made a delish salad at work and precisely spilled it all of the carpet 
                      on the way to clock out and my co-workeers (and me) laughed at me for about 5 minutes. 
^From the Getaway, Let's Play Find the white girl! 
*Also one of the only pics I took this month :( 

journal entry/ quote

I found a quote in my Bible during church yesterday...
            "Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe"
-Saint Augustine 
It must have been from a sermon and I wanted to be preppy and take notes during church. What? I thought is was pretty profound.

Then I scribbled below the quote, I'd say quite a few years ago...

"Your grace has found me just as I am" 
(from the song, "Majesty")

I'm so thankful for grace. I sure do regularly, or hourly, minutely (that's a fun word). I'm thankful that I never had to change and tidy myself up to come to the wondrous cross. My gracious God took me in as as was: needy, messy, weary and washed me in his Son's blood and from there I could be changed for eternity. Hallelujah! 

God has been good to me.