Thursday, February 28, 2013

peeing, grace, and class

I come from a long line of peeps that can't hold their urine. My mom, well she had two offspring, my sister ehh her serial dating middle school boyfriend broke up with her because she always peed during the movies and needed to be caught up on the movie #middleschoolprobs, and my cousin got arrested for peeing in the subway in NYC. classy, I know! Needless to say genetics are a powerful thing and I inherited a walnut sized bladder. On planes when my plane neighbor sits down I prep then for the next few hours of sitting next to me, the hot mess express, and how I frequently pee, and it would be in their best intentions for me to have the outside seat, m'kay. Usually it works. A few weeks ago I was on the bus with my ear buds in listening to my Hillsong station on Pandora and the song "Grace Like Rain" came on. I also had to to make a deposit in the toilet like a certain racehorse. The said song describes grace as water many times thus making my sensation to pee quite worse while the city I live in has severe pothole complications, and makes the said sensation even worse. I barely make it to school with an accident and barely leave Target without purchasing the below bad boys.

i texted my excursion to my friends too. 

things i'm called at work

             today's post is chronicling the variety of names i'm called at work. 
                          i like to write stuff down  ;)

            1. Little Africa or Africa 
         ` this name seems to follow me at all my jobs. lindsey lohan and I have something in      
          common. what? well the lindsey lohan in mean girls not the currently intoxicated    
          one. my coworkers love to hear my wild (literally) tales from africa, along with   
          stories where i forgot to wear a bra to school.

        2. Sarah
          ` I work at a retirement home. old people live there. with dementia or really old 
           brains. And just some cray cray people. A resident enjoys calling me ‘Sarah’ because 
           i “look like the ideal jewish girl.” The said resident also refers to me as ‘he’ or ‘good 
           boy’ often with my freshly waxed eyebrows and girlstashe. damn Italian genes.

          3. jack
           ` this nickname which once drove me crazy, i’ve now grown highly accustomed to   
             nearly every peer group i’m associated with calling me jack. even my bosses call 
             me it. i’ll take it.

         P.S. It's almost friday!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

God, this season, and grace.

You know those crazy people in the Bible like Jonah, Moses and uhhh Jesus too that God calls by name, to do something, and nearly everyone thinks they are CRAZY!? Yeah, I'm in that boat lately. God is speaking oh so loudly, and I want to listen. Despite what people think of my sanity level. God is slowly equipping me for this next season one Olympic size pool of grace at a time. What? I don't know either. Every chapter is better than the one before. 

xoxo, jack