Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sweet Bits- April

here goes my super late belated sweet bits journal post for april!!

april 1: mama took the day off of work, we crafted. started my sugar fast. 

april 2:  another lazy craft day, spring break=no school, went to chipotle (fave ever) with mama. 
april 3: went out for pizza with my life group. happy happy happy. #idontwatchDD
april 4: blogged. got a few more projects done. 
april 5: sooo grateful for my free driving lessons. love my life groups. #ThingsChristianGirlsSay
april 6: supposed to help a friend move, but woke up with a massive headache. soooo thankful i rarely get     
            migraines anymore!
april 7: while baby-sitting i help a cute kiddo complete her recycling project for school, made her parents day                                 
             by having it done when they came home. 
april 8: got to work in the nursing home-ish part of my job today (things only i get excited for)!! my coworker         
             brought back shot glasses from England for everyone and a tourist keychain for me!! #mylife i laughed
             for a good few hours about it. 
april 9: forgot to eat dinner and got super hungry before bed, i went to the dreezer and found a carton of TCBY 
            with a halo illuminating around it and a choir of angels singing. i inhaled it. i one of the above 
            statements is a lie. 
april 10: had my last free driving lesson today! feel super confident about my test tomorrow!
april 11: AHHHHHH!!! PASSED MY ROAD TEST!!!!!!!!! 
april 12: young adult life group=legit. went to bombers (local burrito joint and bar) afterward with a few of 
              my girlfriends, chatted in the car until midnight with a few of them in the church parking lot. 
april 13: made south african candy cupcakes for my youth leaders birthday. 
april 14: finally got to see my bestie after months of separation because of higher education. 
april 15: first day off of work in forever!!!
april 16: made my coworkers laugh with my nonsense. i really really like making people laugh. 
april 17: got an $8 donut maker at target. EIGHT DOLLARS, PEOPLE!!
april 18: gave mom her birthday gift and she loved it!
april 19: life group=legit, survived driving home in the downpour. it was like oceans dripping from the sky. 
april 20: mom's 50th birthday!! finished the catching fire! sleepover with a friend!!
april 21: saw one of my besties for bit at church when her nursing major duties were not entangling her. called 
              and texted my friend Presh back and forth. so thankful for a friendship where he can laugh and cry 
              all in the same conversation.  
april 22: read. blogged. crafted. all in an afternoons work. miracle. 
april 23: i last my sugar fast battle to TCBY today :(( do i dare say it was worth it?! 
april 24: i love my encouraging english teacher. 
april 25: overslept, so i did my jesus time in the my car during my break at school. 
april 26: the moon was big and yellow and fracking gorgeous! good work, God!!!
april 27: diy-ed a bench i got at a yard sale for five bucks!! pics to come!!
april 28: children's church volunteer meeting today was a wicked good spread of food. #foodieexcitment
april 29: thankful for my english teacher who always asks how our weekend was on monday's.
april 30: got out of govement mandated agony school extra early, ate chipotle for the 90th time this month.