Monday, August 25, 2014

L I F E lately

So...sorry I've been busy being type A and updating my blog with edited pics and posting them on social media-not! So life since January? Fuller and fuller but I'd don't think I'd have it any other way! God is so good always, in every season and as my bff Erinn says "I am so taken care of!" So life since January?!

`Kicked some serious A in college and made a 3.8 G.P.A. in my spring semester(GOD DID THAT) 
`Leaned to ENJOY and actually be good at learning/school and give Him the glory for it (#GOD IS STILL IN THE BUSINESS OF MIRACLES)
`Joined the Student Volunteer Club at school and had so much fun with it and making my crazy city-home a better place 
`Turned 19! Celebrated with my parents and cavitelli. Because Italian. And flour less chocolate cake. 
`Went on a raw food lifestyle change after feeling fatigued for too long on my clock and then changed it up a bit while not 100% raw vegan but some grace and eating the healthiest I've ever been! And really learned what true health is! 
`The salon closed so not there anymore, but my retirement home job and babysitting. 
`Had lots of beloved Skype dates with my favorite people in the entire world who taught me how to LOVE-my little Jo'burg South Africans!! You have no idea they make my heart swell and I get such a natural high after our 3/4 AM Skype dates-and they're probably the only people I ever wake up a that ungodly hour for! 
`Because of my full summer class schedule until the end of July and internship I'd didn't get to go to South Africa or Malawi #IDENTITY CRISIS but sent my main girl Courtney who was going to South Africa with a QUALITY missions team and was going to the children's home/school that I interned/fell in love at with pictures of all my loves with encouraging letters on the back and American candy or a necklace- they loved them but man, did I want to hand deliver it! 
`Served a long side people that guided me while I was a student in youth ministry. 
`Read lots of textbooks, scripture and novels!
`Just loved people that encourage me and that I get to do LIFE with. 
`Crafting? What's that?
`Stressed ate a lot of Chipotle. They'll cater my wedding someday too. 
`Getting mentored my pastor from SA for the plan God is building me up for. Mhmm. 
`Got a new nephew, Luca Vincent via my cuz's Dina and Mike. He sure is an ovary explosion. 
`Grateful fun farmers's markets and fresh produce.
`These are most of the highlights, I'll leave some of the not so fun out for now. 

(cats, my people, the daily, drives to the country)

Summer has been wild from a full summer school ached (with a human bio class that nearly drove me over the edge), working 2 jobs, church life, planning for His plan, and a hectic but fulfilling internship. I've been interning since June at a non-profit shelter for homeless, runaway, and sexually exploited teens-20 year olds that provides shelter, counseling, referrals, adocavcy, meals, and life skills training olds. I mostly help the clients apply for jobs, search for stable housing, assist with their clinical intakes, encourage them to keep going, and do some recreational activities. I know as a mentor to them I should be teaching them things by their mostly teaching me things. I'm slapped in the face daily by the amount of privilege I've been born and blessed with, knowing I'd be a horror story and a half if I'd have to walk the road some of them have been through.