Sunday, July 7, 2013

i graduated.

such a belated post but whateves. so, yes one of the greatest days occurred in my life or the bridge the the greatest days of my life, I GRADUATED!!!!!!
it was the most beautiful day in every way. i started the day off my going to see my niece who is technically my second cousin but i force her to call me Zia JJ. Let the children come. she was kinda scared of me all radiant in my all white and glossy cap and gown. 
I floored it to the prettiest church we were going to be graduating from. i went (love the past tense) to a small christian school for high school with a graduating class of 32 kids (the largest class in the school) which i would never never never never ever recommend to anyone unless I really hated someone but despite all the difficult times this hellhole of a school made me go though it made me soooo much closer to God and made me DO THE HARD THINGS. and i love the joy and the products of DOING THE HARD THINGS!! Sidenote: besides this whole main stream education saga I've loved being a teen ;) ANYWHO got the the church and to see my classmates most of them for probably the last time and get my vuvezela (an african air horn used a soccer games that sounds like and elephant) confiscated from me multiple times. C'mon man just roll with it. One of the mean room moms made us take 43848 posed, chaotic pictures before the ceremony began. 
                                                     {right before marching down the aisle to pomp & circumstance}
The ceremony was long but not boring at all. All the speeches were really well written as well as presented. RIght before the keynote speaker was about to begin they were giving away 4 scholarships. At all these high school award ceremonies i've gone to its always the same 4 kids that get the award and pretty much have the same "bio." The same 3 kids got their scholarships and they started reading the bio of the last person to get one. I really wasn't paying much attention to to anything the principal was saying but when he said my longer, unique bio, I started thinking "who was this, kid?" and the last think he said was "and has gone on two mission trips to africa" a bunch of my classmates turned and looked at me. The speaker said my name and the kid nest to me had to tap me to get up, never in a million years would I think I would have gotten this scholarship. I went up the wrong way and nearly hugged the principal (and I am not a hugger) but I, Jackie Servideo, received the Christian Service Scholarship. I seriously didn't even need my diploma at this point! Anyway when they called my name for my diploma that was pretty much the greatest thing. Hard work pays off, yo!!! ughhh is just felt soooooo good, I'll admit it, I was proud of my self! And I have the greatest friends everrrr they all came despite busy schedules, the boring ceremony, etc. 
{making cool faces}
                                                                            {dad and mom-aunt kate and mom)
                                                                                           {thankful for them}
{my sis & i}

{all my friends are gorge!}

{we went out for pizza afterward and had lovely, deep, meaningful convos (my love language)}

My sister and I stopped at the bookstore too and I picked a new Bible (a super cute ESV that is a one for one company) for this new chapter and I made her pay for it. 
I had to work later too and I showed a few pictures I had on my phone to my residents at the retirement home I work at. Including a blind 97 year old. Good job, Jackie! And told my parents my little surprise once I got home ;) but thats for the next post!! 

"i have fought the good fight, i have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
2 timothy 4:7 
totes could put 53489 more verses that have been my crutch though this season. I love God's word. 

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