Thursday, July 18, 2013

opportunities and africa.

so where do i begin. my little secret is out. all the prayers and petition to God the tears the begging to the God who made me and my story and every little detail of my life has a beautiful destiny for me, its far from "normal" or mainstream but i desire and thirst to serve and honor god and the souls he is jealous for, not for man. with that said God is sending me to Malwai for a misssion trip and then when the rest of my team leaves i'm staying and interning at a childrens home in South Africa(!!!!!!). I'll basically be a babysitter and tutor for God's favorites/ orphans and possibly get the opportunity to see them get forever families!! I feel like the least qualified person sometimes but thankfully I serve a God that simply qualifies the called. I really don't know what God has up his sleeve after these 3 months but its BIG, with a capital B. Talk about confirmation I've had everyone from my besties to my residents at my job with dementia talk about how this is God's plan and they don't see me coming back. Like what? I started this post weeks ago and never finished it but I leave tomorrow. If/When I get wifi I'll post pics and details of the boss party my besties threw me my first surprise party. it was kinda my worst fear but once the dance-y tunes got flowing all was well. ta-ta for now!! 

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