Monday, July 8, 2013

before i graduate high school bucket list recap.

i graduated high school recently. back in december when I was still counting down those days I made a "Before I Graduate High School Bucket List." i got a semi decent amount crossed off and most things just happened organically not on purpose for the list. 

Before I graduate high school
1. Rely on Him like never before!
2. Desire him life never before
3. Need him like never before!
4. Acknowledge He is speaking loudly, so LISTEN!

5. Daily do devotions, Jackie you need this time. --BOOM! This was the best one. Even if I didn't get any of the other things accomplished this is the only one that matters in the grand scheme. 
6. Volunteer in activities at work and city mission. --Let's just say I needed lots and lots of grace for this season. I served alot but I never got a chance to try new places to serve at. 
7. Become a prayer warrior -- made lots of progress!!
8. Practice photography, not just your iPhone
9. Run/ exercise more... possibly a 5k? --el oh el to the 5k. 
Perhaps this list didn't go exactly as planned but whateverz. 
10. Purge and organize craft room
11. Make a scrapbook. -- Made one painstakingly at midnight the night before graduation for my aunt.  
12. Sell and make more jewelry. Never sold any but any spurts of free time of creativity I had I made some!
13. Write thank you notes just because.--oops. 
14. Become more patient and gentle.--getting there. getting there.
15. Educate myself on as many social justice issues at possible
16. Leave the country!!!!!!!
17. Get my license.
18. Read more!!
19. Keep up on journal projects.
20. Pray for the next season. And the people in this season.
21. Keep up on this blog -- C-
22. Start a creative blog. Yes please!--Nope. Ill be rebranding this place soon though :)
23. Practice writing pretty.--Oh gosh. No.
24. Look at the stars, realize the God that loves me, made them
25. Stop in the moment. -- I'm Italian but im always rushing. 
26. Cook a few meals --Salads for dayzzzzzz.
27. Pay for someone's drink... At Starbucks.--I forgot. Better late than never?
28. Go to Boston and visit Kor
29. Go to hartwick and visit erinn
30. Visit Kristen at New Paltz
31. Go to the city
32. Go to the today show-- Got so close but then my phone broke and robbed me from going.
33. Fast (food and anything else that kills contentment)--I quit sugar everyfew weeks because of this lady!!
34. Start a compost
35. Go sledding
36. Make crepes with friends
37. Pray for my nation, community, and church daily
38. Start writing bits of my memoir.
39. Make homemade bread
40. Do something for someone else everyday. 

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