Wednesday, June 5, 2013

six things

1. I'm DONE with school (HALLLLUUUUJAHHH) but I need to find my creative streak again. I plann on selliing my jewelry at more botiques but I want to paint. Painting sounds wonderful right now, like painting these! They look rad!

2. I also was doing semi well with healthy eating habits and quitting sugar due to the persuasion of one of my faves and need to get back on track ASAP because I felt great and productive but my flesh loves sweets. Sorta a post for another time though. 

3. I have a slight obsession with this blog and all their home and garden projects. I'd love to do beekeeping and a whole coop of chickens like them! 

4. After I get my diploma, my besties and all the peeps whole helped my get that gorgeous paper aka my diploma are going to celebrate at Chipotle with burritos and lime and salt tortilla chips. Because food and friends are my love language. 

5. A few weeks ago at Target I got a mini doughnut maker on clearance for $8!! I'm thinking PB and Chocolate doughnuts. Yes, a few bullets ago I spoke of getting back on to quitting sugar. #thestruggle

6. I've been pressured for wayyyy long into getting a twitter and comedy vlog because I don't think I have great comedic timing when I write most things. But I also want to put more spoken word poems and cooking and crafty stuff on here as well. 


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