Tuesday, June 4, 2013

belated catch up

Joke of the day! What did the mama tomato say to the baby tomato? Ketchup!!
Get it?! Cause of the title! El oh el!!!

Anywho, the past two mouths of my life have been CRAZYTOWN, USA!! So sooooo so much change, excitement and disappointment and a chapter ending in TWO DAYS!?!? ** (I wrote this May 29, then two days before school ended, its June 4th now, oops)**I end government-instituted education on Friday (DID IT!!). I’m sooo happy and excited and waiting for God to open more doors for this next chapter. I know that’s sort of crazy and irresponsible but God’s changing and thawing me out to the woman he wants me to be. It’s hard and there’s been a lot of tears shed about this unknown future of mine and what God wants me to do first but I know His timing is perfect. I’m pretty sure His timing is more confusing than the trinity to understand but I just ask like I understand it. And God is a million, trillion times more creative than me so I just go with what he wants for me. I want out with a bunch of my older girlfriend the other night and one of  them was having the same struggles as me with not knowing where God wants her to be and things like that. The devils top prioiorty is making you feel alone. Although I didn’t want this friend to go though the same struggles as me but it felt good knowing I am not along in the journey. This friend was saying how she fasted until she heard God speak. I thought that was so selfless and brave and I felt encouraged to do the same, with instagram, pintrest, and sweets. I’m going fab on the instagram and pintrest one and well ugh is it hard to give up sweets but that’s for another post. But holy freaking cow did God start speaking and moving! So stop reading fellow lurkers and start fasting!! Go brave ones!!!

**as said before, this was written on may 29 and its June 4th now. my life is crazybusyville, ny, usa.**

*i celebrate and break fasts with iced coffee*

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