Thursday, December 19, 2013

listography- favorite things you own

I've always been a list-making aficionado. To-do lists, favorite name lists, books i want to read lists, etc. I just love the sensation of having a fully crossed of to-do list- almost too much!! I think I was 13 or 14 and on vacation in Lake Placid an amazing vacation hot spot in Upstate New York about 2 hours from me and i got My Listography, a super cute list making biography at one of my favorite mom and pop book stores. It has super cool and creative writing/listing prompts. I re-did my book shelf a week ago and rediscovered some things I wrote as a beyond quirky 13 year old. I though I would use some of the prompts from the book as blog posts. 

List your favorite things things you own:
- My passport
- childhood pictures, pictures from africa, pictures with my parents and girlfriends
- my africa pendant (I think its from here or at least looks the exact same)
- my bibles with notes and markings 
- my journals
- my feel good/ memory box- probably for another post but i have an old train case with all sorts of cards and notes from friends and fam, silly pics, and mementos 
- a journal my mom gave to me last christmas with all sorts of details about her life in it
- my iPhone, of course
- my laptop
- my camera- a nikon d60

any of the Listography books would make great Christmas gifts you can find them on Amazon for super cheap but its aways best to support your local book store. toodles!! 

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