Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 declaration

2014 declaration... (a few days-ish late ;)

here's to more joy, more adventures, and being brave
here's to praying more and worrying less.
here's to caring more about my neighbor, the poor in spirit and being a hopeless encourager. 
here's to arriving on time, being less of a scatterbrain, and working hard and hoping it pays off.  
here's to writing a book proposal, getting grades i deserve, and learning more.
here's to loving and giving more. 
here's to drinking an insane amount of hot, caffiniated beverages and relying on more of his promises. 
here's to doing small things with great love. 

declaration inspired by the shine project blog. 

goals, catchup, and 2013 review to come! :))

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