Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the time i failed my road test

Last week I failed my long awaited road test. I legit cried for about two days. I was pathetic. ughhh. Anything to do with the DMV gives me severe PTSD. Most things in life even the deep, heavy things I just seem to get though by laughing at. Here begins this post. I wake up the morning of my test do my normal minimal morning rituals, minimal because I loathe mornings, it's getting late/I lose track of time and I realize my mom isn't up. Gah, we have to be at the DMV in 10-13ish minutes and we live about the same time away from  it. We floor it all the way down there. Finally get there, just in the nick of time, stand in the perpetual line and I say to the teller, giddy as ever, "I'm here for my road test!" she replies "no ma'am we don't do them here," then I correct her naively "No, not a permit, a road test!" she spits back "Yeah, you take them on such and such an avenue" and hand me a sheet with directions. After that statement spilled out of her mouth she I turn my head to my mom holding back tears and wanting to scream. We hop back in the car and begin following the confusing directions and get lost (within our own hometowns) approximately 587 times.  We , My mother, speeds, make u-turns on a no u-turn highway, and weave on the highway during rush hour, she really goes beyond the call of duty to get me there. After a million and a half circles and dozens of tears, we find it because of the driving school car, waiting in line. The driving school car belonged to this cool, youth volunteers at my church, he gives me a few pointers while I wait. Finally take my test and act cool as cucumber but totally nervous on the inside, aced parallel parking and K-turns! I finish and when she utters the words "well you didn't pass" I'm shocked and didn't believe her either mind you I've been know to be the "most persuasive person" according to my friend Mahadhi so I lightly try to sweet talk her but didn't take it. oy. So I failed. But got some lessons for FREE from that driving school and was able to move my test up way earlier than the two month wait I would have had to the through the DMV!! #bodyofchristswag

"For we know that God works for the GOOD of those who love him and are called according to his purpose" Romans 8:28 

God's got his girl.

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