Monday, April 29, 2013

stream of consciousness

a stream of consciousness, brought to you by the brain of jackie servideo. 

hallelujah praise the lord on highhhh!! SPRING HAS SPRUNG IN UPSTATE NY!!!. 
no more of that!! 
natural vitamin d makes me giddy like a soccer mom likes her new minivan. 

i made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from here to send to my friend erinn, (for her birthday) who deserted me for a                            higher education. 

i made the first batch at 9'o clock and forgot to put oatmeal in. good job, jackie!! 
then i redid them and they were fantastic. i love a cake-y cookie. 

when i was at the post office sending them off, the clerk asked if there were any "flammables, explosives, illegal substances..." and i replied "nope just cookies!" he did not crack even the slightest smirk. 

my coworker got the fits in the palm of your hand!! so soft and fluffy and cute.
i hate to say it but it might even be cuter then my chubby boy. 
i can't decide. also the camera adds ten pounds. 

i wrote a kick a$& paper for my ethics class. five glorious pages about adoption, one of my favorite topics. i just know that God will use me someday in the hard, beautiful, god-glorifying process. 

i need to use my big girl camera more often. i need some subjects. 
this little chick make a great one. 
but my fave subjects ever are thousands of miles away. 
love her. love the smile. love red dirt. 

a man at my church sang the song below. if you're in the mood to cry. listen. 

happy monday!
(i secret love monday's, love a good fresh start.) 

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