Wednesday, April 3, 2013

sweet bits journal- march

everyday before i go to sleep i write down the best part of my day. in helps keep things in perspective and everyday might not be pure unicorns and rainbows but there is something good in e v e r y d a y. 
`march 1- much needed mental health day. made peanut butter pretzel brownies. 
`march 2- Went to one of my fave restaurants with my nonny. satisfied my taco salad craving. 
`march 3- church fun, my friend, Jessie, gave my a dress, with to the craft store with my ma and scored. 
`march 4- made the entire home and careers class, laugh, at my obnoxious fox story.
`march 5- noon dismissal, i love you. 
`march 6- life groups made my crappy day much better and we ate guyanese curry together. 
`march 7- olive garden with my co-workers. i love my job. 
`march 8- snow day. thank the LORD! 
`march 9- worked a double, cleaned, crafted and shopped with my ma. #productive
`march 10-fun church day, realized as i was nodding off to sleep that i forgot to do an essay. fun times.
`march11- my mother picked my up from school with a cupcake. 
`march 12- almost cried while watching the bachelor. that's a problem. it's classy sister wives.  
`march 13- loved life groups. ate lie pig
`march 14- late night thearpy, i mean target run with my ma. scored big. made banana chocolate chip bread at 10 PM.
`march 15-brought in my banana bread to work like a good italian girl does.     
`march 16- saved/signed up to die 5 years ago today. God, you are good. 
`march 17- brought my aunt to church with my today. had an lol fest with a text banter with my bestie. 
`march 18- failed my road test and sobbed like spongebob in the episode with his grandma and the cookies but listening to this song lifts my up big time. 

                         Spongebob GIFS | Crying GIFS
`march 19-snowday. thank you jesus. addicted to the hunger games. 
`march 20- went to one of my fave restaurants with my ma. ate like a barbarian. 
`march 21- my one friend presh and and I love to vox eachother. we had a good feed going today!! so grateful for friends. 
`march 22- no school. prayed that god would help me find a replacement or work tomorrow so i can go to my friends birthday shindig. walk into work with a cover. boom. 
`march 23- sweet babysitting gig. besties birthday dinner was a grand time. 
`march 24- preschool kids church today. did resurrection rolls with them. they seemed to get it for a bit but then they were all "so jesus melted?" great. MY COLLEGE BESTIES ARE HOME!! #sociallife
`march 25- finished the first hunger games book. soooo good. props suzanne collins.
`march 26- had a driving lesson that i was super bitter about going to and then the teacher, who goes to my church, gives me two more lessons for free, and moves up my road test. yesssss. 
`march 27- rockin' quiet time with the King of Kings. 
`march 28- mother took me out of school extra early to start break. immediately proceeded to the library to get the 2nd hunger games book. 
`march 29- birthday weekend begins. went to this new and AMAZING waffle place for breakfast. 
`march 30- even more AMAZING easter service. then the best best best time having a birthday dinner with my main girls. 
`march 31- {birthday/resurrection day}- another amazing easter service with water baptisms. cried just like the above meme at them. then hung out with a new friend and had a small easter dinna with family.   

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