Thursday, April 11, 2013

birthday/easter re-cap!

on march 31 i made my 18 revelation around the sun. 

                                                          (no, i'm not wearing a wig, i also eat the same)
or i turned 18. and it was on easter!! and it was one of the best birthdays i've ever had! 

my birthday weekend started with going out for an uhMAZING waffle breakfast with my mom in this adorable waffle and coffee restaurant and ran and unneeded red light. addicted to read the second Hunger Games book, Catching Fire. Each chapter leaves off on such a cliff hanger, it is a perfect book club book! celebrated a little at work that night and on my saturday morning shift. blessed with a sweet place to work. Later on Saturday, there was a young adult Easter service with baptisms that I balled at. met my main girls there who were home on spring break!! we reunited (minus my other bestie who was ill) and complemented each others hair as always. we went out to my favorite thai place for curry while dressed in an a plastic birthday tiara and sash. when the host asked if it was my birthday i said no. what?! you don't wear plastic tiaras on saturdays?! you're missing out! kidding. we lost approximately 10 pounds laughing and raving over how delicious our food was. when the resturant sang "happy birthday"to me it sounded similar to the below minus the crying mom and the duck. 

Hung drove around while "singing" "Call Me Maybe," and since i turned 18, the legal age to get permenant body markings, we all took the classy route and got OneDirection ones from the dollar store. 

                                                              man, i love my girls. <3

On my actual birthday, on easter, I celebrated the greatest event in history singing "death, where is your victory, hell, where is your sting, church, stand in the LIGHT!" 

best meme ever. 

I went out with my friend Maryann and she fed my the spiciest Guyanese curry ever. there was a small italian easter dinner at my house. my family's kinda the definition of classy and dysfunctional. like when we let our dogs eat at the table. 

my nonny is pretty cute though. 

blessed beyond measure. curry, jesus, friends, books. tis' a good birthday weekend. these kinds of posts is sorta why I blog, to remember memories, when i write, i remember.

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