Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dramatic first entry!!

Hey I'm Jackie! Nice to meet you on this big abyss of interwebness sort of. I have lost bets several summers in a row to start up a blog/vlog to keep track of the funny and sometimes weird and awkard things that happen to me, and how I look at them. I also get pretty depressed when I forget memories too, pssssh, that’s pretty rare though so when I’m an old lady with dementia chasing my staff around because I thought they had I box of pizza (not that I have ever been a victim of this or anything) I’ll have these memories too. I think that humor is one of God’s greatest gifts to His children, right next to creation, salvation, and food those are pretty vital. I try to embrace humor (philipians 4:8 standards) as a form of worship. Seeing homies joyful is pretty much contagious.  
(((My biffington Korie and I being hood with our gang symbols in the church bathroom. I'm always so photogenic)))

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