Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Birthday of all Birthdays

Merry {Belated} Christmas!! Blessed Incarnation Day!!
Christmas was wonderful in my neck of the woods, like really wonderful. I had a white Christmas which was super... obviouslyyyy.
Also enjoy my bratty dog Capri. You're Welcome. 
(Also I'm a liar, these picture were the snowfall on 2 days after Christmas, I forgot to take pics that day)
The whole Christmas/Advent season was packed yet beautiful. So I've been alive for 17 Christmas', saved for 5, and truly, beautifully, understood the meaning of this wondrous miracle until this year. Its like of a multifold meaning. I guess it really hit me through a song lyric in O Holy Night. Twas...
 "A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices." 
That's exactly it. The thrill of our Saviour being born (and of a virgin, absinence is only 99.999% effective these days... kidding), and man we humans really need a savior, hope is really and understatement. And the world is certainly weary, lethargic, deprived, I can only imagine the rejoicing and the hallelujahs that were being sung/shouted. This shop on Etsy had a beautiful print with the lyric. No materialistic gift compares to the gift that God gave his sons and daughters. No gift card, laptop, clothing book, craft, phone even touches the gift of Christ. I consider myself an expert gift giver, I'd say it's my love language for others take a look for yourself... 

but my God, my Abba Father takes the cake. Gave me and you my Jesus that was born to die and conquer the grave. Hallelujah!
Also I had a conviction... I had bought a gift, a simple gift for everyone on my list but the Man we are celbrating. Know one might be confused how to give Jesus a birthday gift in heaven... I'm not talking about a present tied up with strings and bows but a gift that he has a heart for. I texted my friend and asked if she would want to tag along to my local city mission and volunteer wherever we are needed. But at some point I'd like to do something like Ashley and Jami do. Buy a gift from the Samaritan's Purse or Compassion catalog, just focus on Jesus, its all about Him, duhhh. I wrote Jesus a "thank you" note too, just thanking him for another year and everything he has taught me, he loves thanksgiving, I think I'll make it a tradition too. :)  

On a lighter note, and possibly sounding like a bi-polar blogger here's were I write/type about what I actually did on this Christmas. So two days before I basically had the hiz-houseeee to myself as I baked the day away and listened to my new faves which was ideal for this chick. I gave this array of treats away to my dearest friends and coworkers.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a muffin top!! 
Pretzel Reese's and M&M 
Peanut Butter Cookie Cups with Reese's adapted from Joy's Hope
Oreos dipped in baking chocolate then dipped in crushed candy canes inspired by Trader Joe's Peppermint JoeJoe's

Also I had my LifeGroups Christmas Partayyy. We ate nachos, played HeadBanz (Hilarious, Stop reading and play it NOWWW), and had a white elephant gift exchange (take something from home, pick numbers and and open up surprise gifts, like onions in a gift bag or a dollar store puzzle, and trade). 

When Christmas Eve rolled around my favorite of the two days my sister and I had a coffee date inside Barnes & Noble, I'm much more of in indie book store girl but it sufficed, we read magazines and sipped gingerbread lattes like the cute little hipsters we are. I wrapped some gifts, all small sentiments, trying to focus on the reason for the season, but seriously call me Lil Wayne because I should be a profesh wrapper, bro. There was a boss service at my church, and my whole (immediate) fam came, that's huge, folks! After that we headed to my aunt's house and feasted on our Sicilian Christmas fish dinner!! Kidding. It was her turn to host and cooking isn't her thing so she fed us weenies.
Not. Kidding.

And below is my sister and I being completly normal.

And below a picture with a toilet behind us.  

Then Christmas Day was upon us! I had to work 6:30-2:30 to be exact but it was all good, I love my job, I really do, it feels so good to be able to say that, and I like being with the residents there that have no family, or no where to be, just being a fill-in grandchild. 
My coworker and I just taking a selfie on the job.                                                                                                                     

Once the job was done I ran on home (literally, I run to work) and opened small gifts with my mom. The only thing I asked her was a journal of things about her and her childhood and stories she wanted me to was perfect.
I think its so important to remember your story and legacy I guess thats one of the reasons I blog. 

After that we were off to my other aunts, i know i have like 15 #italiankidprobz
My cousins, sister and I, not of us are ready. whatsoever.

And the last stop...the Grandparents!
The most ideal time to visit them is at night, when they are less high strung and hyper. 
Or so I thought...
He cannot talk without his hands sooooo Italian. 
My sister and I got them a photo calendar from Shutterfly-they loved it!

My hair is a mess and a half and I look exhausted. Enjoy the above eye candy. 

That's all for now! My "thank you note"to God is coming soon too! Adios Muchachos! 

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