Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

T'was a good year, a really good year. Lots of memories, lots of things the good Lord has shown and taught me. In fact Im starting another new tradish, write down all the good and fun memories and things the Lord has shown me in in old candle jar with bits of scrapbook paper. I'm now writing everything down at once for 2012 but for 2013 write them down on a slip of paper with the date as they come and then look back at everything I wrote on New Year's Eve... cute right?
 Here we go!

  • Honestly, it started out as a real dry season, lots of trials and some down right sadness and not enough choosing joy. 
  • Went to a sad funeral :(
  • Fell in love with Thai food  
  • A fox chased me on my way home from work. You can read about that here.
  • Started planning a youth mission trip in our own city, deets to follow
  • Turned 17!! Celebrated with my eternal fam at my church youth group, ate the cake below :)
  • Applied for my second missions trip to South Africa and Malawi unaware of how changed I would be from this trip in just a few short months
(picture from my trip in 2011, note the boss photobomb)

  • Finished planning and went on the local youth mission trip! We did a 30 hour famine in the freezing cold (20-30 degrees) and modeled a Ugandan village everyday happenings (carried potato babies in slings, boilied dirty water over a fire for rice and beans at the end of the fast, built a church meeting place out of sticks and a tarp, etc. and then served in our local government housing community and built a community garden with them, saw teens hearts changed... the usual spring break) 

  • Doubted if God could really use me in Africa (because I'm weak, and useless without him but in Him I can do much), and contemplated not going the day my travel expenses were due (funny, how that works) and after a long talk and prayer  with my friend Imani I was back and ready-er then ever for God to use me mightily and he sure did! 

  • My Mom turned 49!
  • Started to bud a friendship with these girls!

  • I got my braces off!! praise the Lord!!!!!! And wahh-lahh I became a fairly good looking person just like that well... 7 years of torchere and nasty orthodontists!!   
*First picture without braces! (the pics above were taken a few months after)*
  • Volunteered at Beautiful Weekend a service project my church does every year with two local inner-city public elementary schools 
my girls tina & vikk (who I sorta cut out) at BW

  • Went to a dear friend (that lives in South Africa), Chelsea's AWESOME wedding. They got married outside under an umbrella tree, in the country, and had a music theme reception and a buffet dinner, and make your own sundaes and a fab dance floor, everything about it was stunning and perfect! The best time ever!

the cute bride and I at her shower picnic
perfect right!?
my rapper friend Faith and I 
my friend Precious and I carpooled out there and got lost several times
seriously!? how cute is this music theme?!
  • My BFF Korie, youth leader Mahadi and I went supply shopping for this youth group event called create night with a Mexican food theme. hungry teens + a strict budget = stressss

korkor and I selfie-ing it up. 

  • CreateNight was rad-er than ever before. We laughed, cried, worshiped our King, it was ahhhhmazing. 

the DreamTeam serving it up!
these girls are so so so talented. 
my girl erinn and I 
praying for our seniors <3
  • Went to my friend Mikela's Graduation [dance] party (cause that what we did the whole time)
mik & I (she so gorg!)
  • Finished my junior year (PTL) which was a feat in itself!
  • Watched my other BFF's Erinn and Kristen graduate together 

It was hot that day so they ripped their polyester cap and gowns right off!
  • As my girls graduation gift I treated them to a fun night of getting our pictures taken in this cute, old, historical neighborhood downtown, it was such a special night 

and my personal fave :)

  • Had a talent show fundraiser with my Malawi 2012 team which was a huge success!


  • Put the final touches on my ministry plans for my Africa trip. 
  • Went out to lunch with my grandparents and sister  

    • And drumroll please... my favorite event for this past year and possibly ever- AFRICA 2012

    my family 
    let's play find the white girl
    my lovies
    • Got back from Africa on the 9th after 3 weeks there and I miss it everysingleday.

    in the airport to go "home" 
    but I think Africa will really be home soon ;)
    • Watched my other BFF KorieGirl graduate!!

    • Got to go to an ACTUAL beach for the first time in forever with my youth group!! 
    • And hung out with them before they headed off to college. 

    • Started SENIOR YEAR!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!

    On my last "first day of school"
    • Got invited to a last minute (but such the Lord's timing) youth rally in New Hampshire with my youth leader and his wife and a small group of the core students. It was beautiful and life changing and filled with the Holy Spirit and prophecy. I think I'll write more about that later...

    <--the only pic I have of the memorable weekend
    • My church celebrated it 90th Anniversary!

    From the big 90th partayyy
    • Started this blog! Whoop whoop!
    • My big sis turned 21!

    • My girls, well two of them, came home on back-to-back weekends 


    • My two sisters graduated!!

    • CHRISTMAS!! Read all about that here
    Happiest New Year to you!!
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