Sunday, December 30, 2012

thank you, my jesus!

My Dearest Jesus, my abba father, the Savior of my soul...
             thank you. thank you for endless grace. the victory on the cross at calvary. the daily blessings. the gift of your precious Word. GRACEEEE, the most amazing gift of all. oh and your abundant love, when i have nothing to offer, when i am needy and desperate.
                                  Jesus you leave me breathless.
thank you for strength. thank you for getting me through the great days and the not-so-great-days. thank you for your sacrifice. thank you that i didn't have to do the amazing sacrifice. thank you for fulfilled needs and fulfilled wants. thank you for friends. thank you for the peaks and the valleys the highs and the lows the dry seasons the the fruitful seasons. and this season, the preparation season.
thank you for making me fearfully and wonderfully. thank you for my future husband wherever he may be. thank you for loving me when you see my sinful heart. thank you for giving me a purpose and a plan to honor you... all of my days. thank you for giving me an assignment, i don't know all of it, but so far just to give you lots of glory along the way. thank you for freedom, i don't deserve. thank you for hope and everlasting peace. thank you for adopting me as you. thank you fro everything i don't deserve. thank you for my love and addiction to Africa. thank you for being a God of second and third and... chances. thank you my savior for forgiveness. thank you for joy, unending joy.
                          i could go on and on...
thank you my Jesus. the lover of my soul. I deeply love you and promise to do that all of my days. Send me where you need want me in 2013, i'll go. ;)
       truly and deeply,
       your daughter

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