Thursday, November 8, 2012


I'm thankful for sooooo many peeps in my life. Like smile when someone says their name I love and adore them soooo much. 
So I'm Embracing the Camera with them as I describe how amazing they are below! :))

 My Girl Presh!
She had been a huge encourager to me lately with my latest endeaver ;) She can also give me the spritual smackdown like nobody's bizzzz. I LOVE her for that. AND she's a prayer warrior. And she has sweettt hair. And were embracing the camera in Africa together just a few months ago!!?

My girls!!

I seriously feel indebted them. I love each of their unique hearts and how they individualy serve the Lord. Korie with her heart for inner city kids and using her experiences to help others, Kristen and her voice and joy, and Erinn with her incredible writing skillz and heart that is always in tuned to what the spirit is saying. I love all of them soooo much. With all of us being apart it barely feels like it with constant communication! <3 <3
Embrace The Camera 

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