Thursday, November 8, 2012

Social media trends I hate.

Social media is RAD people!! RAI tell ya!! It has done amazing things such as improved the child literacy rate, reinvented politics and transformed marketing, just to name a few. But there is a few trends around the social media interweb that make me lose my brain cells. 

 Numero 1:
 the novel of hashtags. 
 Like on instagram for example taking a poor quality photograph of your greasy dinner            and putting hashtags to every ingredient in your casserole. #onions #1/4cupbutter.
 No. Stop. Type a modest amount of hashtags and call it a day. 

Numero 2:
Memes/Pets/Vehicles as Profile Picures. NOT OKAY. 
We've all heard it about the cars..."oh what are you a transformer."
But fo' reals' fools. 
And lately we've all been seeing some presidential figure as a profile picture. Like danggg girllll calm down on the tanning or heyyyyy bro take it easy on the hair plugs.   
And i usually just feel bad for people with a pet as the profile picture.

Numero 3: Putting a <3  I love my boyfriend (Insert date, same as date of status)
This is just plain ghetto. The boyfriend usually responds with something like "Yeahhh so many memories babyyyy!!" 

Numero 4: #TEAM________
Not a team. At all. Get a jersey. A coach. Some players. Until then, you are not a team. 

Numero 5: Ghetto language. 
Truth is
Ur mad Tall
U can Twerk
Ur funnie
Ur pretty
Sometimes u get me Mad
Ur lik my sister already
Hmu more
Trashyyyyyyy. Not Classy. 

Adios playazzz!!

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